Cave closures for bat hibernation


Bureau of Land Management


Notice—Bat Hibernation Site (Hibernacula) Closure

AGENCY: Bureau of Land Management; Interior.

ACTION: Notice—bat hibernation sites (hibernacula) closure.

SUMMARY: Pursuant to 43 CFR 8364.1, eleven caves in the Upper Snake River
Districts are identified as bat hibernation sites (hibernacula) are
seasonally closed to entry. With the exception of approved research,
essential search and rescue, or other emergency or administrative operations
for cave resources protection, eleven caves containing hibernation sites are
closed during the hibernation season to all visitation, from October 15 to May 1.

   Affected caves are listed below:
Bobcat Cave
Kids Cave
Owl Cave
Chalk Cave
Giant Arch Cave
Gypsum Cave
Little Arch Cave
Pot O’ Gold Cave
Twin Cave
Will’s Cave
The One That Goes Cave

The purpose of the closure is to protect bat species and their habitat
during the critical hibernation period. Any person who fails to comply with
this closure and restriction order, under 43 CFR 8364.1, may be subject to the
penalties provided in regulations at 43 CFR 8360.0–7; a fine not to exceed
$1,000 and/or imprisonment not to exceed 12 months.

DATES: This action is effective December 18, 1997.

ADDRESSES: The Federal Cave Resources Protection Act of 1988 prohibits
disclosure of cave locations. Information pertaining to the above closure is
available at the Shoshone Resource Area in Shoshone, Idaho, and the Idaho Falls
District Office in Idaho Falls, Idaho.


David Freiberg, david_freiberg at
BLM Shoshone Field Office
400 West F Street
Shoshone Idaho 83352
telephone (208) 732–7271

Joe Lowe, joe_lowe at
BLM Idaho Falls Field Office
1405 Hollipark Drive
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401
telephone (208) 524–7558.

Certain caves in the Upper Snake River Districts serve as critical winter habitat
for bats because they provide a narrow yet optimum range of temperature and other
microclimatical variables required for successful hibernation. Research has
indicated that all bat species are extremely susceptible and sensitive to human
disturbance during hibernation, and that recreational caving trips during the
hibernation season are detrimental to the survival of bat species.

Dated: December 19, 1997.
Bill Baker, Shoshone Resource Area Manager.
[FR Doc. 97–34209 Filed 12–31–97; 8:45 am]

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